Project Mona Lisa with Kris’ painting

Kris and I never ran out of creative ideas. I have been a fan of make-up tutorial transformations but haven’t really tried it yet. I marvel at how they copy someone’s face by just using their make-up. I enjoyed watching them and sometimes I show Kris some of the funny videos and we laugh at it together. Some of the girls looked as beautiful as dolls but very different from how they actually look like in real life when the make-up is washed off.

We have seen people in facebook post about themselves copying famous artworks and thought we could do that as well.

Today, we decided to make something challenging yet fun. The challenge was to copy Mona Lisa’s face to model one of Kris’ paintings! I got really excited and went to my make-up box to see what I needed. I didn’t have the contouring foundation but hey being creative means trying to use whatever is available so I used my dark brown eyeshadow.

Mona Lisa photo from Wikipedia (left) | Aileen’s version with Kris’s painting (right)

Let us know what you think by posting your comment. We welcome any suggestions on the transformation you want us to do next .


Toilet Paper Craze in Australia

“Too – late Paper”

There were viral videos circulating in the news and in Facebook where people are seen fighting in the Supermarket just to get a pack of toilet paper rolls recently… People are panicking and hoarding toilet papers due to coronavirus scare which leaves other shoppers with none. So, I went to investigate if the news I was seeing in TV is real.

It is indeed!

But why toilet paper? Why not over canned goods or food? I don’t understand at all.

To the hoarders/shoppers out there, please be considerate to the needs of other people especially to those who need it most such as our elderlies and people with physical disabilities.

As an alternative, we can always get back to the basic of using soap and water which is the best way to clean ourselves.

Always remember to clean your hands effectively for at least 20 seconds to stop the spread of harmful viruses and bacterias.

Christmas Tree Humour

Kris and I being nurses are shift workers who works on rotating shifts ( Morning, Afternoon and Evening). This photo shows our entire 2 weeks of laundry that needs to be folded.

We’ve been very busy at work recently and Kris just finished off his night shift this morning. I did not realise the pile was this tall till I placed them altogether in one big container.

We just finished our Christmas Eve dinner and thought of making fun of it before folding them. I remember I saw a post on facebook last year about another nurse who also had a pile of laundry and decorated it into a Christmas tree.

This post is just remembering our fellow nurses whom we can relate on how tiring it can be from work that we sometimes can’t be bothered tidying up. We call this “Can’t be Bothered Moments of our Life”.

We would like to say it’s ok 🙂 When you feel like the work is never ending, you just have to drop everything and go out and breathe. Go and enjoy a cup of coffee with a friend, go out for a walk or take your family to the park instead of doing the household chores.

For all the people out there working this Holiday season whatever occupation you are in, we wish you a Merry Christmas and big thank you for sacrificing your time to be at work in this season.

God bless you. 🙂

Merry Christmas to all 🙂